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Who is behind www.housing-in-chile.cl?

Chile Inside is an intercultural management agency based in Santiago de Chile. It consists of a team of international young professionals with a vast experience in intercultural matters, who have been helping and giving advice to foreign customers for years. Chile Inside is a leading company when it comes to arranging stays of any sort in Chile.
For many years, we have successfully provided professional internships, Spanish courses, Working Holiday programs, Farm Stays, social and volunteer work as well as accommodation in Chile.
Thanks to our long-time activities in this field, we have a network of excellent and comfortable accommodations at very good locations. Among these we have: furnished rooms in shared apartments, with Chilean host families or furnished and unfurnished apartments. For anything about Chile, we are the best contact for all those interested in coming to this country.

Our service is personalized and quality is first!

At Chile Inside, assistance and customer service are our priority. We take our time assisting you, we care about your plans and individual needs. With Chile Inside you will feel at home in despite being far away from your country.

For further information about Chile Inside and our programs, please have a look at our websites: www.chileinside.cl and www.southamerica-inside.com

Note: In Chile and in Latin America in general, the formal you (Usted) change very quickly to a friendly you (tú). We are a young and open-minded team and therefore we apply this less formal style while addressing our customers. In addition, we informally address clients form on our website and do hope that we have your understanding!

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