Neighborhoods of Santiago
La Reina
Santiago La ReinaLa Reina is located to the east and in some areas it reaching the base of the mountains. The district is almost exclusively a residential area with quiet neighborhoods. Unfortunately, the construction fever did not stop here. That is why many houses and beautiful mansions have given way to new and modern buildings. You can move around by bus and metro (lines 4 and 5).

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Las Condes
Las Condes ShoppingLas Condes starts at Av. El Bosque towards the East. It is one of the largest districts in terms of territory and inhabitants and it is one of the upper class districts to live in. It has a good bus and subway infrastructure. Las Condes, like Providencia, is a mixed quarter; there are extensive residential areas and also many areas with office buildings used by international companies or important domestic companies. In Las Condes, there are many new and luxurious apartments near schools and kindergartens. Barrio El Golf (metro stations Alcantara and El Golf) situated in Las Condes, is the most expensive area in town. Development here over the last few years has been amazing. As a result, this neighborhood has become ultra-modern and very exclusive.
Two very large shopping malls are located in Las Condes: Parque Arauco and Alto Las Condes. They have an incredible amount of stores, exclusive boutiques, restaurants, movie theaters, supermarkets, home depots and thousands of parking spaces.
Besides, the streets Alonso de Córdova and La Nueva Costanera are the two most exclusive commercial streets in this quarter, and they gather the most expensive stores of international brands.

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ÑuñoaÑuñoa is located to the South of Providencia. Connections with the public transport are not as good as in its neighboring districts like Providencia, Santiago Downtown or parts of Las Condes. Subway lines 4 and 5 make a circle around Ñuñoa but there are constant buses that run along the main streets within the district. This district is close to some universities, which is convenient for students with time constraints. Plaza Ñuñoa, on avenue Irarrázaval, is a meeting place for students and young Chileans, who are attracted here by the huge concentration of pubs, restaurants and bars. It is also the district that houses the National Soccer (Futbol) Stadium!

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ProvidenciaProvidencia is one of Santiago’s most loved and well-known quarters. It starts at Plaza Baquedano/Plaza Italia and it reaches east until Av. El Bosque where it merges into the district of Las Condes. Providencia attracts mostly foreigners and young Chileans who desire to live there. ”Tiene mucha onda”... (“It is pretty trendy”) ...Chileans would say, since it has a great deal of headquarters of overseas and domestic companies, together with many good restaurants and entertainment zones full of bars and clubs. Providencia also features chic boutiques and small shopping malls. There are many modern office and apartment buildings with very good locations; this district also has the biggest hotel network in Santiago. The public transport infrastructure is excellent and both the subway and the buses connect Providencia with the other quarters. Barrio Bellavista belongs to Providencia and hosts a myriad of bars, discos, clubs and restaurants. Every night, thousands of people come here to have fun and enjoy themselves.

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Santiago Downtown

Santiago CenterDowntown Santiago has changed for the better in the last few years. New and modern buildings have been constructed in very good locations. For the most part, the people who live here are university students, small families or single people. The center has many student pubs and small but very nice cafés at street corners. Barrio Lastarria, between Parque Forestal and Santa Lucía Hill, or the surroundings of the Bellas Artes Palace (Palacio de Bellas Artes) have become very popular meeting places. Many nice restaurants have been established in this area, along with a lot of very amusing bars, cozy coffee shops and small stores with local designers. A picturesque and romantic area opens up in Barrio Brasil, the area around Av. Brasil. The cobbled streets create a welcoming atmosphere, where you can enjoy culture, good food and nightlife. In recent years, a variety of bars, designer restaurants and boutique hotels have established in order to provide this area a hip atmosphere.

We recommend avoiding alleys and parks at night in the downtown area. Both Downtown Santiago and Providencia are requested by national and foreign students, especially because of their relatively low-cost rents, the excellent bus and subway infrastructures and the proximity of many universities.

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