Testimonials About Housing in Chile

Unterkunft in Chile They are the nicest and the most lovely people, I have ever met. They treated me like a daughter and I will really miss them!

Andrea S., Austria

The local support, friendliness and email contact helped me a lot to feel safe and taken care of. I felt always very well attended, taken seriously and supported! I had a wonderful time in Santiago.

Dario R.,Spain

The host familiy was absolutely great and lovely. It couldn´t have been any better. They are very helpful, always keen on understanding everything and I think I found a second family. They have shown me a lot of cordiality and I immediately felt comfortable. I will leave them now, with a heavy heart ;) Chile Inside is fantastic. Keep it up! And I hope that all the hostfamilys are as great as mine.
I had a unique time here, I had the chance to gather a lot of experiences and I will miss the country, the people and especially my host family very much. However, I am intent on coming back for getting to know a lot more parts in South America.

Kristina S., Italy

The personal engagement, mainly from Silke, who was taking care of me from the first phone contact, was really excellent. Also other team members, especially Ulli, have taken great care of me, too. It was a great pleasure for me, to get to know you, even though the first placement wasn’t very pleasent, cause of some local conditions on the part of the renter. The rework-help was excellent though.

Norbert T., Uruguay

Super ambience, fantastic renter, great location and an excellent cost-performance ratio. Chile Inside, super-friendly handling, the door is always open, Email- responds always faster as I could look.

Sebastian St., Germany

Nelson is looking all around the clock after the well-being of his flat mates. You can have a lot of fun with him and he is much more a friend than “just” the landlord. If someone had somthing on his mind, you could speak open with him and we found always immediately a solution.

Sonja K., Switzerland

Testimonials About us

About_usThank you very much for the whole organization of my fantiastic time in Chile!

Merry Christmas, I hope some time we will meet again in Chile!

Werner L., Germany


I was really happy with the whole assistance. Above all you helped me, after finishing my programm in Chile, with questions related to my travel route; I got information about yellow fever.

Perfect was, that I never had to wait long for receiving any response. Great service, thanks a lot! I’ll can definitily recommend you!

Anja B., Germany


Many thanks to the whole team of Chile Inside! I felt perfectly taken care of and you never let me down! Very professional!

Jessica T., Canada


You could help me with any kind of problem and you gave me all the advice and practical support I required, thanks!

Carmen F., Germany


I was pretty happy with the whole assistance.

Celine B., France


I very much liked the individual attention. As well as the fact, that Chile Inside really seemed to be interested in my well-being during my stay in Chile :-)

Delia H., Mexico


I would like to speak out a big “Thank You” to Chile Inside. According to my experience with Chile Inside, it is an absolutely well organized and experienced operation. I would like to say thanks for the support and the placement and I wish you for your future a lot of success and all the best.

John L., USA


THANKS again for the perfect organization and for helping me, realizing my dream. Who knows where I would be now, without you!

Lisa H., Switzerland


I’m glad that I have arranged my work and accommodation in Santiago with Chile Inside.

Julia von A., Germany


I can definitively recommend Chile Inside, I always received a quick respond (even within the Christmas time!!!) and they were always available to answer my questions. The monthly gatherings are a great idea. I liked, that also friends of Chile Inside get invited to join the meeting, so we weren’t just talking in English.

Nadine T., France


Many thanks for the great support and for all the effort with the planning.

Steffen R., Germany


I would like to say thank you for the excellent service and for all the help you provided to me!!!

Sven B., Switzerland


I will definitely recommend you. Thank you Chile Inside for everything!!

Maurizio O., Brasil


Good to know that there is Chile Inside!!

Uta M., Germany


At Chile Inside you can always find someone, who will take his time and who will care for you and your questions and worries. They always have solutions and they provide an excellent all-round service.

Sebastian S., Germany

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