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Viña del Mar
Valparaíso’s neighbor and counterpart is Viña del Mar. The city is a popular destination for prosperous Santiaguionos (residents of Santiago) and Porteños (residents of Buenos Aires).
It is an important seaside resort and thrives on tourism. In the months from December to March there are over a million visitors from Chile and Argentina that cover the beaches and fill the parties, changing Viña into an amusement park! The best attractions include long sandy beaches, international restaurants, fine boutiques, souvenir shops, clubs and bars, parks and a casino on the shores of the Pacific!

Viña del Mar is a relatively young city and was founded as an estate winery by a rich Chilean family 130 years ago. Only in the last decades Viña has changed from a noble and popular seaside resort to a modern business city. With about 300,000 inhabitants, the city profits from its proximity to the two most important harbor ports in the country (Valparaíso and San Antonio) and its easy accessibility to the capital Santiago (1.5 hours by car).

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